Smith Respirator LA-2100+

Respiratory equipment for the veterinary market.

* Produces
The Smith respirator LA-2100+, the most modern and reliable respiratory device for large animals on the world market, for many years.

* Delivers
New respirators which provide support for anesthesia of horses, camels and other large animals.

* Provides
Europe-wide service, incidentally or on a contract basis to customers who have purchased anesthesia equipment.

* Stands for
A professional and customer-friendly approach when it comes to advice and support.

The Smith Respirator LA-2100+ model 2002 is the ultimate result of years of developing and improving by Prof. Dr. Mogens Smith and BDO-Medipass


  • Special properties
    Possibility to apply “assist function” (trigger)Foto_Smith_Respirator_LA-2100
    Possibility to apply “breath-hold”
    The machine is volume or pressure controlled
    Built in gasevacuation for used gasses
  • Features
    Power: 110/220 VAC (50-60 Hz)
    Height: 105 cm. Width: 50 cm. Depth: 65 cm.
    Using the respirator requires an air pressure of 5-8 bar.
    Volume range 2 to 16 liters.
    Respirationfrequency setting 2 – 30 respirations per minute.


Article Morgens Smith: A respirator for large animals
Download here the article of Morgens Smith

Hereunder you will find the brochures and the manuals of the Smith Respirator LA-2100+
Download here the brochure Smith Respirator LA-2100+ Dutch
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Download here the manual Smith Respirator LA-2100+ Dutch
Download here the manual Smith Respirator LA-2100+ English
Download here the manual How to replace a bellow of the Smith Respirator LA-2100+ English